Sunday, 27 January 2013

COTF4: Ring-billed Gull

A few of us went for a lunchtime stroll down to Nimmo's Pier today which produced some nice bird sightings. The pier is famous amongst birders across Europe for its track record of drawing in rare species of gull from the Arctic and North America.

One of the more frequently occurring North American specialties is ring-billed gull, one of which was present today and showed very well, down to a few meters at times (with a little help from two loaves of bread!).

Light-bellied brent goosebar-tailed godwitgreat northern diverred-breasted merganserlittle egret and rock pipit were some of the other highlights noted between the pier and Mutton Island causeway.

Great biodiversity out there along the outskirts of Galway. Check it out!

Adult Ring-billed Gull. The thick, neatly demarcated bill band, strong yellow colouration to bill and legs, stern expression and pale eye are all good features for ID'ing it from the similar looking Common Gull (c) Niall Keogh

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